Surprise your guests with the most original gift that will hold the memory of your special event! 

A custom photo magnet

The party favor that captures your favorite memories !

When you're planning an event, there's always a lot to do.
Your guests go to several events every year, so they never remember the details you painstakingly picked out. They forget the flower arrangements, the cake, the band, and all your careful thinking is gone. With our services, you can make any event or gathering unforgettable with an original and thoughtful gift:
A custom photo magnet.
It's an easy and effective way to make their memories stick!
How does it work?
We work with you to design your custom magnet frame with a personal message based on your individual style and theme.
Our photographer takes posed and candid photos of you and your guests having fun.
We transform your pictures into magnets on-site at your event!
As we produce the magnets, we display them on a decorative board and each guest chooses magnets of themselves to take home.
This is the ideal party favor!
 There is no need to stand in line or walk into a photo booth-
we will capture the special moments of your event,
while you and your guests enjoy the party!
A customized magnet is the perfect souvenir from your party.
It is your special way of saying "Thank You!" and will make any event unforgettable! 
Our souvenir magnets are made from the highest quality materials:
We use a professional grade photo printer to guarantee
 your souvenir magnets will be vibrant, and their bright colors won't fade over time, keeping your memories in plain sight for decades to come.

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